If you read the "About" section, you know that there are no genre restrictions.  However, there are some genres I generally don't care for, because of the sheer amount of uninteresting, ordinary dribble within those genres.  If your submission is the tenth of it's kind to be received that day, it's very likely to be ignored.  But if you feel your music is unique, and your music hasn't been featured on all the other blogs already, by all means, send it my way.

If your music is on Soundcloud and I enjoy both the music and the artwork, I will embed it or schedule it to be posted later.  I do listen to everything.  I may tell you I'm posting it, I may not.  Also, I will occasionally do reviews for select music but it is more likely to just be embedded with some genre tags.

I also ask that you spend some time checking out and commenting on other music featured here.  If everyone is promoting and no one is listening, this whole thing is pointless.  Support, give back, make friends.  Also, remember to follow us on Soundcloud and Twitter.


Thanks for sharing :)

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